Clan Osaka is an ancient political alliance of Atlantean families that has existed in one form or another in the Japanese Islands since the days preceding the fall of the First Atlantean Empire. Itsí collective name has changed many times over the millennia since its founding; but its purpose has always remained; to unite the Atlantean families of Japan under a single banner.

These Atlanteans settled in the Japanese Islands during a brief period of colonial expansion just before the heart of the First Atlantean Empire, the continent of Atlantis, sank into the Atlantic Ocean. The original colonists settled the Japanese Islands in an attempt to distance them selves from the politics and intrigue of the Imperial Court in Atlantis and to help expand Atlantisí sphere of influence in the Pacific Ocean following the disappearance of the fallen empire of Lemuria. When Atlantis sank beneath the waves of the Atlantic, the Atlantean colonists in Japan were completely cut off from the rest of their Houses back in the western half of the world, and because of this, they were forced to adapt and intermarry with the local Japanese human populations in an attempt to keep their families and Houses from disappearing into the annuals of history.

Over the centuries, the Atlantean descendents of the original colonists have totally lost their Atlantean Psychic Talents primarily due to the thinning of the bloodlines due to their interbreeding with the local humans.

Many of Japanís greatest internal conflicts were the result of infighting among the Families that now make up Clan Osaka. Each time a new family would rise to dominance; there would be purges of many of the old guard that formerly held power in favor of the new rulers, all in an attempt to insure the dominance of the new ruling family.

By the time of the Shogunate of Nippon, the number of surviving Atlanteans that still lived in Japan had dwindled to less than 2,500. Due to Clan Wars that raged across Japan during this period; Clan Osaka lost another 700 of its members due to purges by the Shogunateís supporters.

When the Atlanteans of the West finally re-established contact with their eastern cousins in Japan, what they found was a collection of Atlantean families that could scarcely remember their beginnings in the western world. They found an alliance of families that were fanatically loyal to the current ruling family, the Family Osaka. When the Atlanteans of the West attempted to push their now foreign ideologies on the Japanese Atlanteans, it ended in a bloody civil war that engulfed the entirety whole of mainland Japan and eventually ended the dominion of the Shogunate of Japan.

Unlike their western cousins, the Japanese Atlanteans were able to fully integrate the honor system of the Japanese into their own ridged structure. This honor system at times has led to unending bloody conflicts among the Japanese Atlanteans as they attempted to reconcile the Atlantean tradition of vendetta with the Japanese honor system. Put simply, to kill a member of an Atlantean Japanese family means that its members must attempt to kill the Atlantean or human that was responsible for the original murder. Should the avenging members of the family be unable to kill the murderer, then honor dictates that they must take their own lives in order for their familiesí honor to be preserved.

When the Imperial Court of Japan was re-established in the decades before World War II, Clan Osaka began thinking ahead to expanding its sphere of influence into to other neighboring lands in mainland Asia.

Through subtle manipulations in the Imperial Court, the Japanese Emperor was convinced that it was in the best interests of the Empire of the Rising Sun that they expand into the lands of Asia.

As the Japanese military forces progressed into Asia, Clan Osaka followed the expansion; using the conquests of the Empire of Japan to create new avenues of dominance for themselves in lands that had in previous centuries attempted to conquer Japan. Throughout World War II, Clan Osaka kept close ties with the Imperial Court, using its sway with Imperial officials to keep their operations running without interruption. Clan Osaka spent much of the years preceding the war and during the war gathering artifacts that had ties to the First Atlantean Empire and the fallen Lemurian Empire, this was one of the big reasons for Japanís expansion into the Pacific Islands.

When the Americans dropped the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Clan Osaka knew that the war was finally over and their time as masters of Japan was over. Shortly before the American invasion of Japan and its surrender, Clan Osaka secreted away their recovered artifacts in underground caverns under the hills surrounding the city of Osaka. When the American expeditionary force arrived, the surviving members of Clan Osaka made a point to temporarily disband and to blend in to the rest of the Japanese population in order to insure the survival of the clan as a whole.

After World War II, during the reconstruction of Japan, the members of Clan Osaka played a pivotal role in helping Japan rise from the ashes of its turbulent past into a nation of influence on the global level. As the Japanese were warriors in their past, through the efforts of Clan Osaka, the Japanese were able to turn that fighting spirit in the direction of business and technology. Many of the great technological discoveries that came about during the later half of the 20th century came about because of Clan Osakaís recovery operations for Atlantean artifacts during the war.

As it stand, even with continued pressure coming from the Atlanteans of the Second Atlantean Empire, the Japanese Atlanteans of Clan Osaka have been able to remain officially happily uninvolved in the affairs of the Imperium. Behind the scene, Clan Osaka is once again on the move to become a powerful Atlantean player in world. There are some that believe that members of Clan Osaka have been secretly aiding the Renegade Houses of Clan MacKlintoc, Fallcourt and Halloran in their operations to chip away at the great fortress that is the Second Atlantean Empire. But that is all only speculation at this point.