The Renegade House, the House of Halloran came into being in 1939 during World War 2. This Family of House Ramius were native to England and the British Isles. Lord Edward Halloran established the family line in 1502 when he left the Prescott Family of House Ramius to found his own Family, the Halloran Family. It was during this time that House Ramius openly rebelled against the draconian rule of Emperor Dominic of House McCullen.

Lord Edward risked life and limb to help his kinsmen put down the mad dog that was Emperor Dominic and anyone from Dominicís House; After the fall of House McCullen, the Family of Halloran and its influence within the Second Atlantean Empire was in ascendance. It greatly helped that the Antiquarians Guild placed a weak Emperor in power in the form of Empress Andrea DeLyones of House Lionnes.

As the centuries went by, all seemed to be well within the Family of Edward Halloran, or at least that is what Lord Edward wanted the rest of the Atlantean world of the Second Atlantean Empire to believe. The simple fact of the matter was everything was not well. Lord Edward was starting to believe that the Second Atlantean Empire was doomed and that if he and his kinsmen stayed with it he would be consigning them all to a slow death as if they were trapped on a sinking ship with no way off.

When Empress Andrea abdicated the Atlantean Throne and Emperor Priam replaced her, that was when Lord Edward knew it was time to get off of the sinking ship what was the Second Atlantean Empire. Through covert communications with the Scottish Atlanteans of Clan MacKlintoc in the north, Lord Deward Halloran began making arrangements for the time when Lord Jeremmiah would come to power and the Imperium would be permanently be removed from the British Isles. The arrangement was simple, Lord Edward Halloran and the Praetorians amoung his family would give the Atlanteans of Clan MacKlintoc the secrets of Sorcery necessary to craft their own mystical weapons and they would give the Highlanders detailed reconnaissance reports of Imperium forces throughout the entirety of the British Isles. In return for the assistance of Lord Edward and his Family, Lord Jeremiah MacKlintoc would allow the Halloran Family to remain in England and govern the country in the name of Clan MacKlintoc

In 1873, Emperor Priam authorized the invasion of Ireland by Imperium Centurions in an attempt to bring the island nation back into the fold of the Second Atlantean Empire. In this invasion, Lord Edward saw the end of the Imperium in the British Isles, and by the time that 1939 came round, the Imperium was indeed being pushed out of the isles when the Highlanders of Clan MacKlintoc instituted their own invasion of England.

Under the cover of the black out because of the German bombing of London in 1939, Clan MacKlintoc and its allies among the Family Halloran and the House Lionnes Family; Fallcourt began their final battle to remove the Imperium from the British Isles.

It has been said that when Lord Edward and his Praetorians turned on their former Imperium allies at the Battle of London, that no other one single blow could have been more damaging to the moral of the Imperium forces that were defending the city.

In the end the Imperium left the British Isles and fleed to mainland Europe, leaving Clan MacKlintoc, the House of Halloran and the House of Fallcourt in complete control of the Isles. At least for the except of Northern Ireland; which to this day is a war zone between the Imperium holdouts and the Renegade Houses that seek to drive them out of the isles.

As of 2009, the House of Halloran makes its home in the city of York near the Scottish border and in London in the south of England.