The Bathory Family are the descendants of the Countess Erzebet Bathory. History speaks of Erzebet being walled up in her own castle as punishment for her crimes of bathing in the blood of virginal young women from the villages surrounding her castle.

In 1610 A.D., Castle Csejthe was raided after one of Erzsebetís intended victims had escaped and went to the local authorities. All of Countess Bathoryís attendants who took part in her insane blood rituals were put to death by beheadings. Erzsebet Bathory was walled up in her own bedroom where she supposedly died in 1640.

Little did those same authorities realize that the woman whom they had walled up in Erzsebet Bathoryís bedroom was but only a servant whom Erzsebet had used sorcery to make into her exact likeness. The Countess had been ferried away the night of the raid by Servitors of House Draconis. A year later Countess Erzsebet Bathory would receive the Dark Gift of immortality from none other than Alexei Dragosee, the Lord of the Dragosee Family.

From that day on the Countess, and later her children would remain loyal to House Draconis. It was in 1895 that things began changing. With the recent ascension of the Dracul Family as the new 5th House of the Imperium, and the end of the House Draconis/Family Dracul 300 year long war, Erzebet could see the writing on the wall. If Radu and his Family could escape the intrigues of House Draconis, then maybe her and her Family could do the same. It was during 1895 that Erzebet was touring the British Isles when she came upon a young writer; Abraham Stoker. The young man was writing a novel about vampires and a fictional account of Vlad Tempest (also known as Vlad Dracula). He had talent, but not enough information to make waves. That is when Erzebet began hatching her plot, she could begin feeding this young writer factual information about Lilans and Revenants and just enough information about the Dracul Family to put it at risk of discovery without any evidence leading back to her or her Family.

Once the masterpiece was nearly completion in 1897, Erzebet went to Alexei Dragosee with a plan. Her plan was to destroy House Dracul through the highly embellished information that was contained in Abraham Stokerís novel; the way she saw it was if enough information was released about the Dracul through the novel, then it would force House Dracul to retreat farther from the human and Atlantean world and it would give House Draconis a definite advantage against its wayward children. Alexei eventually brought Erzebet before the rest of the ruling Lords of House Draconis and had her discuss her plan with them. Many justifiably hesitant to go with her plan. If it failed and Atlantean Society, namely the Imperium, was discovered, the trail would eventually lead back to House Draconis and its feud with House Dracul. If Emperor Priam discovered the plan, then he would order the Atlantean Legions to descend upon House Draconis and kill everyone within it.

After several days of discussion, Erzebet gave House Draconis an option that seemed to distance them from the Countess and her plan to destroy the Dracul. She proposed a separation of the Family Bathory from House Draconis; she and her family would leave House Draconis and the Lords of House Draconis would make it seem as if the Bathory Family was responsible for some scandal that the Draconis wished to remain hidden. A week passed as the Lords of House Draconis discussed Erzebetís plan, in the end they wanted to make the Dracul pain for their crimes against the blood more than they wanted the Bathory Family. So the Lords of House Draconis freed the Bathory Family and started circulating the rumor of scandal of the part of the Bathory.

Within a week, Erzebet met with Abraham Stoker and the novel "Dracula" was released to the human world. As novels go, it was a success, but as guides for would be vampire hunters, the novel was a complete failure. Stokerís novel gave just enough truth that it mentioned the Dracul but never truly endangered Lilans or threatened the discovery of the Second Atlantean Empire. Needless to say the Lords of House Draconis were enraged at the failure of Erzebet Bathory to crush the Dracul, but because of the scandal that they leaked to the rest of Atlantean society, they could never take the Bathory back as an official family of the Draconis. And now the Bathory had blackmail material to use against the Lords of House Draconis, and if they pushed the issue Erzebet would empty her little bag of bones for the Atlantean Emperor to see for himself. House Draconis could not risk punishing the Bathory and so in the end, the Family Bathory gained its freedom from House Draconis.

In the 20th and 21st Centuries, House of Bathory has become quite influential in the global occult community. Some say that Erzebetís knowledge of the secrets of Sorcery rivals even that of the Family Ravenscroft of House Draconis. Most of the younger members of the House of Bathory have moved to North America to pursue their own ends. Erzebet and her eldest children still make their home in Hungary.