The Renegade House, the House of Fallcourt came into being in 1939 during World War 2. It was during this time that the Imperium Atlanteans of the British Isles were being pushed out of the isles by savage Highlanders of the Renegade House, Clan MacKlintoc. The departure of the Family Fallcourt was not totally unexpected, for years Lord Xavier Fallcourt had been a proponent for change in the Second Atlantean Empire and its often draconian and archaic practices and procedures.

After a century of his voice going unheard by his peers in the Antiquarians Guild, Lord Xavier decided it was time for drastic action. It was during this time that the Atlanteans of Clan MacKlintoc were slowly pushing the Imperium forces and inhabitants out of England and Ireland. Through some discrete channels, Lord Xavier made contact with Lord Jeremiah of Clan MacKlintoc. Lord Xavier and Lord Jeremiah discussed the situation in the British Isles at length, and after many nights of discussion a bargain was struck.

Lord Xavier and those members of the Family Fallcourt that were loyal to him would secretly begin giving Clan MacKlintoc valuable tactical information about the deployment of Imperium forces throughout the British Isles, and in return when Clan MacKlintoc had finally succeeded in removing the Imperium legions from the isles, the Family Fallcourt, now the Renegade House, the House of Fallcourt would have a permanent place of safety within the British Isles.

When 1939 finally arrived, and the Imperium forces had been pushed to the evacuation zone of London, Lord Xavier and the rest of his Praetorians revealed their true colors and turned on their former Imperium allies.

Lord Xavier Fallcourt was an Atlantean Lord of House Lionnes of great esteem within the Second Atlantean Empire, so when he and most of his kinsmen turned on their former friends and allies, it was a crushing blow to the moral of the Centurion Legionnaires that were leading the defense of the fleeing Imperium citizens.

It is said that one of Lord Xavierís own Praetorians; Alexandre Fallcourt engineered an explosion that killed dozens of Imperium citizens and the wife and child of the Imperium General of the Legion of Britannia; Donovan Wyld Stromwell. As the story goes, General Stromwell and his closest officers tracked Alexandre down to the camp of Clan MacKlintoc were Donovan and Alexandre faced off in single combat. Because it was a blood debt, Clan MacKlintoc forced the present members of the Family Fallcourt to stand by and let the duel occur. Alexandre met his demise at the end of Donovanís gladius.

Stories have been circulating since those dark days that someone was moving through the Imperium killing anyone that supported the Fallcourt Betrayal at the Battle of London. But these are at this point, just conspiracy theories.

What is know for certain is that at the Battle of London that the Clan MacKlintoc Highlanders had weapons with the same qualities as the Praetorian Gladius and it is believed that the Praetorians under the command of Lord Xavier Fallcourt willingly betrayed their allegiances to the Imperium and the Praetorian Order in giving the MacKlintocs the ability to craft their own mystical weapons.

To date it is believed that most of the Renegade House of Fallcourt has chosen to remain on mainland Europe in the country of Belgium.