House Ramius was first of the Houses of the Second Atlantean Empire; Imperium Ex Atlantia. Through the leadership of Lord Ramius, the Atlanteans of Italia once again became a dominant player in the politics of the human world and of the Atlanteans themselves.

When Lost Atlantis sank beneath the waves, many of its children that had survived its death; were stranded among the human populations that they had once dominated. The problem of it all was the wonders of Atlantis died with it, and those Atlanteans that were stranded in their respective parts of the world were now at the mercy of the human populations that they had once dominated. When word of the fate of Atlantis made it out to the rest of the world, the world at large began destroying all monuments and records that Atlantis had ever existed. In the minds of the people of the Ancient World, it destroy the memory of a people was to destroy its people, making it as if the Atlanteans had never existed.

Out of a population that had numbered in the hundreds of thousands, all that was left of the Children of Atlantis was maybe 100 thousand left in the world. All of the survivors could see the writing on the wall; the way of life that they had once known as masters of the world was over. It was time to think real, it was time to blend in with the human stock and tend to their wounds.

So it was decided when Lord Ramius began organizing the Second Atlantean Empire, that the Children of Atlantis would rule behind the scenes this time around. The Children of Atlantis that had long scorned and persecuted the Children of Lilith now turned to her Lilan children to help them survive the dark years to come. To this day, no one is quite certain what became of Lilith herself when Atlantis sank into the sea. But her children live on through the dark magic that she taught them.

In Italia, Lord Ramius and his followers had long since integrated with the human stock of the land. So going to ground, was not at all difficult because Lord Ramius had never been seen as a tyrant, even when he did rule openly. Lord Ramius; towards to end of Atlantisí time in the world knew a terrible fate awaited them, and knowing that he chose to become one of the Children of Lilith, if only so that he and his bloodline could survive the Atlantisí fall from grace.

Through dealings with Lord Draco of Dacia, Lord Ramius was able to lay the ground work for the Second Atlantean Empire. With the help of Lord Draco, the Imperium Ex Atlantis was able to subvert the Roman Republic and the later, Roman Empire to fulfill the needs of the Atlanteans. Through threat of annihilation through the Roman Legions, Lord Ramius and Lord Draco were about to convince Lord Priam of Greece that it was in his peoplesí best interests that they joined the Second Atlantean Empire.

Using the Roman Legions as a continued show of force, Lord Ramius was able convince of Atlanteans of Germania and Gaul that it was to their advantage to join the Imperium Ex Atlantia. It took years of conquest, but the Germanic and Gaelic Atlanteans did finally join the Imperium.

Even at the far reaches of the Roman Empire, on the Emerald Isle of Ireland, the Roman Legions continued to press more of the lost Children of Atlantis into this Second Atlantean Empire. In Ireland Atlantean Centurions found the Atlanteans of Clan McCullen.

It took a Roman siege of Ireland, which ended before it had been truly completed, to convince Clan McCullen that it was in their best interests to join Lord Ramius as the fifth House of the Imperium Ex Atlantia as of 200 Common Era.

All throughout this period of expansion, House Ramius had it own problems back in Italia. In 185 Common Era, a new House had formed in Italia; House Scavario. From the very start, all within House Ramius knew this competition for power in Italia could only end badly. Offers were made to the Atlanteans of House Scavario to simply join House Ramius and unite Italia, but the leaders of House Scavario well remembered Lord Ramiusí campaign years earlier to unite Italia under his banner, they remembered all of the Atlantean deaths that stained the hands of Lord Ramius and his House. There was chance at a civil ending to this situation.

By 192 Common Era, House Scavario was already pressing Emperor Ramius through the Atlantean Senate to continue expanding the reach of the Second Atlantean Empire.

In 235 Common Era, the situation in Italia finally exploded. Atlanteans under the leadership of Theodocious Scavario of House Scavario have gained enough influence within the Atlantean Senate to split the Second Atlantean Empire. For a period of 6 months, the Imperium Ex Atlantia has two Emperors; Emperor Theodocious Scavario ruling in the city of Ravenna in Northern Italia, and Emperor Ramius ruling from Rome. After 6 months of civil war, Theodocious Scavario and all of House Scavario are killed when Centurions loyal to Emperor Ramius are able to take the city.

From 236 Common Era to 1165 Common Era; Emperor Ramius and House Ramius as a whole dominate the Second Atlantean Empire. But, in 1165, Emperor Ramius disappears. Even today, we are still wondering what happened to Lord Ramius. There are rumors going around that Lord Ramius left because he was disgusted with what his Empire had become. There are even rumors that someone bearing the likeness of Lord Ramius was seen in Rome only a few years ago.

Needless to say, House Ramius has always been at the forefront to leading the Imperium Ex Atlantia and the Children of Atlantis. Without the strong leadership of Lord Ramius, the Housesí sway within the Empire has been waning. The House of Lords that rules and guides House Ramius is not the same as having Lord Ramius at the helm.

Structure wise, House Ramius is governed by its House of Lords at its highest level. All of these Lords can trace their lineage directly back to the heads of the first families that joined together under the leadership of Ramius himself.

Even now House Ramius still holds great power within the Empire. One of its own; Darius Claudius Stromwell holds the position of Pro Consul of the Imperium.

Most if not all of House Ramius tend to cling to the old ways, as such the members of most of its Families tend to be anachronistic. Because of its wealthy heritage, the Families of House Ramius tend not to have problems when it comes to issues concerning money. It should be noted that not all Families have representation at its House of Lords. Because of this situation, many of the Families are constantly working at cross purposes in an attempt to gain favor by those Lords in the hopes of one day one of their own being elevated to the position of Lord or Lady.

House Ramius has only two notable rivals within the Imperium. They are House Thalus and Draconis. In the future there will come a day when peaceful negotiation will no longer be an option in dealing with these two Houses. But who will strike the first blow ?