It is believed that House Thalus is the oldest of the Atlantean Houses to have survived the fall of the First Atlantean Empire. Its parent House; the House of Dardanus was an influential House within the First Atlantean Empire.

This is what is known of the House of Dardanus in the time before the fall of Atlantis; the House had connections all throughout the Empire, and even Troilus, one of its members sat as an Emperor for a time. During the time that Lilans began becoming more visible in Atlantis, Podarces (that would become known in later years as Priam) was born to the House.

Even during the waning years of the First Atlantean Empire, the Lilans were seen as a corruptive influence. So corruptive in fact, that the Atlantean Senate went to great ends to deny any members of the Cult of Lilith access to any real positions of power.

During his formative years, Podacres saw the level of fear and influence that the Lilans had on the Atlantean people as a whole. He saw in them the ability to never have to fear death or the Keentars of his enemies. The House of Dardanus, by the time that Podacres had become an adult was on the down slide; the influence that it had in centuries previous was fading and he could see no real way to stop their fall from power. If anything, it was this very situation that drove Podacres to join the Cult of Lilith. At least within the cult he would have some safety. Within the Cult of Lilith, all of its members had an equal voice in making decisions that would affect the whole. After six months, Podacres was allowed to undergo the Ritual of Rebirth.

From the moment that Podacres became a Lilan, his father, Zeus disowned him. For many years Podacres travelled the First Atlantean Empire, looking for a place to settle in, a place that was away from Atlantis and the House and Family that had disowned him. Eventually Podacres found the lands of Greece and Asia Minor. After finding a place to claim as his own on the coast of Asia Minor (modern day Turkey), Podacres journeyed back to Atlantis one final time. Upon arriving in Atlantis, Podacres could see that in his years away that the Lilans were not the only corruptive influence there. Now there were strange religious cults forming almost every week, all of them seemingly coming about because of artifacts that former Atlantean scientists had recovered from the lands in the far south of the world (in what we today call Antarctica).

Upon seeing the horror that his home had become, Podacres gathered unto him all of the followers that he had gained during his time with the Cult of Lilith. He told them that his plan was to leave Atlantis and to go into the eastern provinces and make a new home there. Through his force of personality, many of his followers chose to make the journey with him. And in around 6411 BC, Lord Podacres and his followers settled in the lands of Greece and Asia Minor.

Eventually Podacres worst fears about Atlantis came true when one night, all of his Orichalcum devices ceased to work; not long after that Podacres learned of the destruction of Atlantis. Without Atlantis to help guide the surviving Atlanteans and humanity, the world descended into what is referred as the Atlantean Dark Ages. It was during this time that humanity rose up against its former masters and began destroying everything that was connected to Atlantis. Within 20 years, Atlantean cities, monuments and tombs were destroyed in humanityís quest to destroy the memory of the oppressors.

Thousands of Atlanteans died at the hands of humanity. Lord Podacres knew from the moment the uprising began that the survivors of Lost Atlantis had to go into hiding or risk extinction by the end of the current generation. Podacres sent messengers to his allies on mainland Greece telling them to go to ground and to wait out the ravages of humanity. The only thing that saved the Atlanteans in Greece and Asia Minor was the fact that you could not tell the difference between and Atlantean and a human just judging by appearance. After sending his messages, Podacres immediately changed his name to Priam, and an attempt to through off anyone that might be looking to put an end to Lord Podacres of Atlantis.

As the centuries went by, the world continued its descent into barbarism. Most Atlanteans by this point had decided that it was better to blend into the throngs of humanity and attempt to rule from behind the scenes rather than risk losing their lives to some human that might have heard the tales of the wicked Atlantean Empire and its people.

By the time of the Trojan War, all of the alliances that Lord Priam had formed under his original name were long gone. Most of the Atlanteans that he had made the alliances had been dead for at least 3,500 years. The Atlanteans of Greece were not the noble men and women that had willingly followed Lord Priam into the lands of the East; they were now just as savage as the humans that they lived with and ruled over. To make matters worse, most of the Atlanteans of Greece were more than willing to make war on their fellow Atlanteans if it meant that they could control a larger section of Greece.

Realizing that if the Atlanteans of Greece and Asia Minor didnít find some way to unite under one banner, within a few more generations they would be no more Atlanteans left in Greece, much less in Troy. Lord Priam came up with a simple plan, he would draw all of the warring factions to him. He would kidnap Helena from Agamemnon through his son Paris, and he would draw them to him.

The plan worked flawlessly, through the abduction of Helena by Paris, Agamemnon gathered all of the warring factions unto him, by alliance or the threat of war, and all of them made their way to Troy to confront Lord Priam in his fortress city. Long had Agamemnon wanted the power and wealth of Troy, so Helenaís abduction was the excuse he had been longing for, to end Troy.

Upon arriving on the coast, the warriors of Greece made their way to Troy. Over the period of a year, the Achaeans besieged the fortress city. And during that time, under the cover of darkness, Lord Priam began meeting with the Atlantean leaders that were willing to speak with him. His plan was simple, the Atlanteans of Greece and Troy would unite under one banner. Unfortunately the plan required the sacrifice of his beloved city in order to sate the terrible hunger that Agamemnon had for the wealth of Troy. In return for the sacrifice of his beloved Troy, Lord Priam wanted the Atlanteans to join him under the banner of one single Atlantean House; House Thalus. Priam was careful to never imply that the Families that would be uniting under him would lose their autonomy, this was an alliance of mutual defense and political power.

Many years after the founding of House Thalus, Lord Ramius of Italia sent a messenger to Lord Priam requesting an audience. Being a fellow Lilan, Priam was willing to meet with Lord Ramius. At this meeting, Lord Ramius laid out his plan to establish a Second Atlantean Empire. At first, Lord Priam simply scoffed at the notion that it was even possible to reestablish control over the throngs of humanity. When it was made clear to Lord Priam that the Atlanteans would be ruling from behind the scenes, he laughed at Lord Ramius and told him good luck, but no thank you.

Several years would go by, with messengers being sent back and forth between Lord Ramius and Lord Priam; the final messenger came with an entire Roman Legion following in his wake. This last messenger had a simple message for Lord Priam, "Join the Second Atlantean Empire or there will be no tomorrow for you". The fact that Lord Ramius had control of the Roman Empire, even to a small degree convinced Lord Priam that it was time to join the Second Atlantean Empire.

Once House Thalus joined the Second Atlantean Empire, the Atlanteans of Greece began to see that it was possible for Atlantis to live again, if only through its descendents.

As the centuries would pass, House Thalus would slowly begin its rise in power and prestige within the Empire. By the time that Emperor Ramius disappeared, House Thalus and its Senators made up a good third of the assembly. When the Atlantean Senate was reformed into the Antiquarians Guild, the power of House Thalus slowly began waning. Unlike the Atlantean Senate, the Antiquarians Guild was not based on representation by population or even equal representation for that matter. The Antiquarians Guild was an assembly of old men and women that were able to choose who they would allow to join them.

During the reign of Emperor Dominic of House McCullen, the Antiquarians Guildís power was slowly stripped from them through the Imperial Throne. Eventually Emperor Dominic pushed them too far and the Antiquarians Guild and half of the Centurion and Praetorian Legions turned on him. All throughout this period, House Thalus and its Lord simply sat in the background waiting for their time to act.

With the fall of Emperor Dominic and House McCullen, Lord Priam began directly the Antiquarians of House Thalus to begin pushing for a weak candidate for the next Emperor. In the end, it was decided that Lady Andrea DeLyones would become the new Empress of the Second Atlantean Empire. During this period, with a weak Empress in power, the power of the Antiquarians Guild rose back to the levels it had previously known in the early years of Emperor Dominicís reign.

House Thalus during this period in Atlantean history was able to begin making alliances that it would never have been able to under the watchful eyes of Emperor Dominic and the Scarlet Brotherhood.

Also during this time period, there was a blood feud keeping House Draconisí attention away from the politics of the Antiquarians Guild. The Draconis-Dracul blood feud literally had all of the other Houses backing away from the situation, the way they saw it was it was better to let the Draconis sort the matter out than it would be to give aide to an enemy of the Atlantean Sorcerers.

By the time that Empress Andrea announced the Family Dracul was becoming House Dracul; the new fifth House of the Second Atlantean Empire, everyone was breathing a sigh of relief. For almost 300 years, the Draconis and the Dracul feuded, all of the other Houses within the Second Atlantean Empire simply wanted the conflict over with. Empress Andreas decree ended the blood feud and restored peace to Eastern Europe.

Not long after Empress Andrea allowed the Dracul to become a House, she willingly abdicated the Imperial Throne. It was finally time to House Thalus to act, it was finally time to call in all of their favors within the Antiquarians Guild. The end result of all of House Thalusí political alliances was Lord Priam being elevated to the position of Emperor of the Second Atlantean Empire.

One of Emperor Priamís first actions was to order the re-conquest of Ireland. After the fall of Emperor Dominic and House McCullen, Ireland was slowly taken over by Scottish Atlanteans of Clan MacKlintoc. It was Emperor Priamís goal to remove these intruders and to repopulate Ireland with an Imperium population. This one action, started the war between the Second Atlantean Empire and the Renegade House of Clan MacKlintoc. By the end of the conflict, the Imperium was removed from the British Isles, it had only a small foothold in Northern Ireland and both Houses Ramius and Lionnes had lost Families due to betrayal.

With Emperor Priam in power, House Thalus has finally achieved supremacy over the other Houses of the Second Atlantean Empire. The capital of the Imperium has been moved to Athens Greece. Five out of every ten Praetorians are members of House Thalus, and 2 our or every five Centurions are members of House Thalus as well. As it stands; for the time being Emperor and his kinsmen are running the show, but for how long?