4.5 billion years ago: The planet Earth forms.

3.8 billion years ago: The Old Ones; Nyarlathotep and Tiamat tear a whole in the membrane that separates the Physical World from the Abyss and enter the Physical World.

1 billion years ago: The Elder Things arrive on Earth. They land in the Antarctic Ocean and found their first city there. The Elder Things create the proto-shoggoth which in turn produces other creatures that act as servitors and food. ("At the Mountains of Madness," Lovecraft.

900,000,000 BC: By this time, Elder Thing cities have spread across the oceans of Earth. ("At the Mountains of Madness," Lovecraft.

800,000,000 BC: The Elder Things adapt to land. Many remain in the oceans, however. ("At the Mountains of Madness," Lovecraft.

750,000,000 BC: The Flying Polyps arrive on Earth, and build their basalt towers on the land. They try to expand into the oceans, sparking a bitter war with the Elder Things. Eventually, the Elder Things are victorious. ("The Shadow Out of Time," Lovecraft.

450,000,000 BC: Elder Thing experiments lead to the first vertebrates, fish, which they permit to evolve. ("At the Mountains of Madness," Lovecraft.

350,000,000 BC: A cataclysm raises numerous new land masses, such as Ponape and R’lyeh. The disaster also destroys several marine Elder Thing cities. Cthulhu and his kin arrive from the Abyssinian star Xoth, and settle on the newly-risen landmasses. The Elder Things war with Cthulhu, but they eventually make peace. Cthulhu is permitted to keep his current surface territories, and the Elder Things keep the rest of the planet. ("At the Mountains of Madness," Lovecraft.

300,000,000 BC: A cosmic cataclysm (possibly a certain configuration of the stars, possibly a war with the Elder Gods) occurs, resulting in R’lyeh sinking beneath the waves. Cthulhu is imprisoned within the city. In all likelihood, the other Great Old Ones are imprisoned around the same time. ("At the Mountains of Madness," Lovecraft. Reptiles arise on Earth.

250,000,000 BC: The shoggoths rebel against the Elder Things, but are defeated. ("At the Mountains of Madness," Lovecraft.

225,000,000 BC: The Rise of the Dinosaurs.

100,000,000 BC: Height of the Elder Thing civilization. ("At the Mountains of Madness," Lovecraft)

50,000,000 BC: Another cataclysm strikes Earth. Many Elder Thing cities are destroyed, including their original settlement in Antarctica. To replace it, a new Antarctic city is constructed. ("At the Mountains of Madness," Lovecraft)

2,000,000 BC: As Elder Thing civilization continues to decline, they retreat to their cities on the southernmost tip of South America and the Antarctic regions. ("At the Mountains of Madness," Lovecraft)

40,000 BC: The Atlanteans make the journey to the island continent that becomes know as Atlantis.

40,000 to 39,000 BC: The Atlanteans begin developing the psychic talents of Mesmerism and Telepathy.

39,000 BC: The Old One; Lilith comes to Atlantis and begins teaching the Atlantean Priesthood the secrets of Sorcery. The Atlanteans discover the power of the native crystals and the rare golden-brown metal ore of Orichalcum. The Atlanteans begin using crystals and Orichalcum to heighten their magical abilities.

38,000 BC: The Fae make their bargain with the Atlanteans and the early human tribes.

37,000 to 14,000 BC: The Golden Age of First Atlantean Empire; Atlantean culture flourishes on every continent that they have established colonies.

36,981 BC: The Senate of the First Atlantean Empire is formed.

14,000 BC: The Scientists and Sorcerers of the First Atlantean Empire create the first Nephilim.

14,000-12,000 BC: The Atlantean-Lemurian War

10,490 to 10,390 BC: The Great Pyramid of Giza in the lands of Egypt is constructed, designed by the Atlantean Priest; Ra-Ta.

9000-8000 BC: Lilith of Atlantis creates the Ritual of Rebirth; to the Lilans the Ritual of Rebirth becomes known as the Dark Gift. Lilith begins gathering a Cult together known as the Children of Lilith within the First Atlantean Empire. Agriculture develops in the Middle East.

7900 BC: Lord Draco of the House of Draconis journeys into the eastern provinces of the First Atlantean Empire and settles in the lands of Dacia. Here in Dacia, Lord Draco and his followers are able to pursue their experiments in Sorcery without interference by the Atlantean Senate or the Emperor.

7860 BC: Lilith of Atlantis takes Marduk of Mesopotamia and begins instructing him in the ways of Sorcery.

7840 BC: Marduk and Lilith journey to Mesopotamia; Marduck confronts the Old One; Tiamat at the steps of her temple in the city of Ur. Tiamat’s avatar is slain by Marduk with Lilith’s assistance, but Marduk is left near death. Lilith performs the ritual of the Immortal Soul on Marduk, turning him into the first of the human immortals that will become known as the Guardians.

6558 BC: Lord Podarces (later known as Priam) is born to the House of Dardanus.

6,512 BC: The Demon Pharaoh, Menkuhor appears leading an army of well over 100,000 soldiers and conquers Egypt. After installing himself as Pharaoh, he resurrects the Cult of the Black Pharaoh and begins sacrificing thousands of Egyptians to his dark god, Nyarlathotep.

6,500 BC: The Black Pyramid of Menkuhor "The Demon Pharaoh" is constructed in a man-made cavern beneath the Giza Plateau. Also erected is the Black Obelisk of Menkuhor "The Nightbringer", and the Temple of the Night dedicated to the Black Pharaoh; Nyarlathotep. . It was only through the combined might of the First Atlantean Empire that Menkuhor was put down. And even then, we could not destroy him. The dark ritual that had created him had created a monster that defied death itself. There was no true death for Menkuhor, it was only through a long forgotten ritual that the Atlantean Sorcerers of the time were able to seal him in a massive crystal. From that point on, the Atlantean Senate knew the end was in sight. The Egyptians, after the fall of their Demon Pharaoh, set about to destroy any record of his existence. And so that dark time was forgotten by the Egyptians within three generations.

6481 BC: Lord Podarces of the House of Dardanus joins the Cult of Lilith. Six months after joining Podarces undergoes the Ritual of Rebirth.

6480 BC: The Atlantean Lords; Romulus and Ramius are born to the House of Italus.

6411 BC: Lord Podarces of the House of Dardanus journeys to the lands that become known as Ancient Greece and Asia Minor (Modern Day Greece and Turkey) and settles there to establish his own Atlantean House.

6390 BC: Lady Vanessa of the House of Lionnes journeys to the lands that become known as Gaul and Germania (Modern Day France and Germany) and settles there to establish her know Atlantean House.

6377 BC: Lord Ramius becomes a general within the Atlantean Legions. He is given command of the Phoenix Legion that is standing watch over mainland Atlantis.

6372-6371 BC: The Atlantean Lords; Romulus and Ramius join the Cult of Lilith, within a year both have under gone the Ritual of Rebirth.



6225 BC: Lord Romulus is granted the vassal Kingdom of Italia by the Atlantean Senate, to rule over in the name of the First Atlantean Empire.

6224 BC: Lord Ramius and the Phoenix Legion are reassigned to protect the vassal Kingdom of Italia.

6220 BC: A group of Atlanteans leave the island-continent and journey to the British Isles in the hopes of finding a simpler life, away from the intrigues and politics of Atlantis. These Atlantean settle across the British Isles, one of these groups eventually becoming the clan of Atlanteans known in later years as Clan MacKlintoc.

4608 BC: The destruction of the island-continent of Atlantis and the fall of the First Atlantean Empire.

4607 BC: The Atlantean Dark Ages begins as the world sinks into an age of barbaric in-fighting among the surviving Atlantean Lords and the humans begin destroying all of the Atlantean Monuments in an attempt to remove all mention of the Atlanteans from their cultures histories.

2697 BC: Huang-ti, the ‘Yellow Emperor’, comes to the throne in China. Jade Xao is given the Dark Gift.

2500 BC: Indus valley civilization in India. Khadesh is given the Dark Gift by Saul.

2321 BC: Saul gives the Dark Gift to Eshan.

2250 BC: Eshan gives the Dark Gift to Xoltlan.

2100 BC: The Empire of Ur (to 2000). Rameses is given the Dark Gift.

1750 BC: Rameses of Egypt declares himself Pharaoh over all Atlanteans and humans residing within the lands of Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt.

1379 BC: Accession of Amenhotep IV in Egypt; he introduces Sun worship, abolishes all old gods, and takes name Akhenaton after Aton, the Sun-god; period of bad government.

1362 BC: Boy-king Tutankhamun succeeds Akhenaton; his advisors restore the worship of the old Egyptian gods. Akhenaton is slain by Servitor Priests loyal to Pharaoh Rameses of the Lilans. The reason for this is because in Aktenaton’s religious zeal, he endangered the lives of all Lilans dwelling within Upper and Lower Egypt.

1193 BC: City of Troy is destroyed by Greek armies after a prolonged siege. Helena of Troy given the Dark Gift by King Priam.

1020 BC: Saul, King of Israel.

994 BC: David captures Jerusalem.

990 BC: Israel is given the Dark Gift by Saul.

753 BC: The traditional date of the foundation of Rome by Romulus & Remus. King Romulus abdicates his throne in order to allow a human successor to replace him.

725 BC: Xoltlan of Atlantis crosses the Atlantic Ocean to South America. Once there he proceeds to establish a blood cult.

600 BC: Cyrus of Persia is given the Dark Gift.

586 BC: Nebuchadrezzar II of Babylon sacks Jerusalem and takes the people of Judah into captivity in Babylon. This is brought about by Cyrus in an attempt to force Israel into teaching him the Qabalic Magic that he knew, in return for the freeing of of people of Judah. This attempt fails.

580 BC: Nebuchadrezzar begins building the Hanging Gardens of Babylon; one of the Wonders of the World.

561 BC: Cyrus becomes the King of all Atlanteans dwelling within Persia. Sheila of Judah given the Dark Gift by Israel. Xerxes of Persia is given the Dark Gift by Cyrus.

509 BC: The traditional date for the foundation of the Roman Republic.

400 BC: Atlanteans under the the rule of King Priam of Greece make war upon the Atlanteans of Dacia who are under the rule of Draco. This period of conflict will last for the next 300 years with no clear victor in the end.

70 BC: Gaius Marius given the Dark Gift by Lord Ramius.

124 AD: The Pantheon in Rome is completed. Lord Ramius, one of the great leaders of the Atlanteans of Italy begins a war campaign against all of the feuding Atlanteans of Italy and the surrounding region. All of this is done under the banner of uniting the Atlanteans race.

130 AD: Hadrian visits Egypt: new capital city is bgeun at Antinopolis. No less than 17 Atlantean Families are extinguished in Lord Ramius’ attempt to bring peace to the feuding Atlanteans of Southern Italy. The Family Ramius becomes a dominate power within Atlantean society due to this war.

151 AD: Lord Ramius of House Ramius founds the Second Atlantean Empire, with the Atlanteans of House Ramius forming the first house of the empire. Lord Ramius assumes the mantle of Atlantean Emperor.

156 AD: Lord Draco and the Atlanteans of House Draconis, of Dacia; found the second of the great houses of the Second Atlantean Empire.

160 AD: The Senate of the Second Atlantean Empire is formed. The oldest and wisest Atlanteans of the Second Atlantean Empire form its core. The Senate is the one group that has the power to mandate regional laws within the Second Atlantean Empire, although its primary purpose is the search for knowledge on the beginnings of the Atlantean race.

166 AD: The Atlanteans of Greece come together under the leadership of a Atlantean Ephor named Priam to form House Thalus. Many suspect the Thalus Bloodline to be the primary bloodline of Atlanteans in Greece.

168 AD: Theodocius Scavario is given the Dark Gift by Romulus.

170 AD: Emperor Ramius writes the Lex Ramii - the Laws of Ramius. Emperor Ramius gives the Dark Gift to Justarius.

171 AD: Emperor Ramius with the consent of the Senate forms the Praetorian Order. The Praetors are to be the personal guard of the Emperor. He also forms the Imperial Order of Centurians, they will become the enforcers of the Laws of the Second Atlantean Empire.

178 AD: The Praetorians with the assistance of House Draconis create a ritual with which to create a mystical gladius that is capable of killing a Lilan within but a few blows. Shortly after the creation of the Praetorian Gladius ritual, Emperor Ramius order that all documentation be turned over to himself, which he in turn gave to the Grand Master of the Praetorian Order. All other copies of the documentation were ordered to be destroyed. This one action made the Praetorian Order a force to be feared by all Atlanteans and Lilans of the Second Atlantean Empire.

185 AD: A group of Atlanteans from Northern Italy form House Scavario.

192 AD: House Scavario begins to bring pressure on the Emperor to begin expanding the borders of the Imperium. Valorian given the Dark Gift by Justarius of House Ramius.

193 AD: An Atlantean expedition led by a member of House Scavario ventures into the wilds of Southern Gaul. It is there that they run into the local Atlantean population. All but two members of the expedition are killed due to some disagreement.

199 AD: An Atlantean expedition to Ireland makes contact with a group of Atlanteans living in the interior of the island named Clan McCullen. They will become the 5th House of the Second Atlantean Empire in 200 AD.

200 AD: House McCullen officially joins the Second Atlantean Empire. Casius is given the Dark Gift by Valorian of House Ramius.

210 AD: Emperor Ramius comissions another Expedition to go into Gaul in an attempt to bring those Atlanteans into the Imperium. This time the expedition is led by a member of his own house. Once into the interior of Southern Gaul, the expedition is yet again attacked by the inhabitants of the area. All but one member of the expedition is able to escape with their lives.

211 AD: Emperor Ramius commissions yet another expedition into the interior of Southern Gaul, this time the expedition is accompanied by a host of 20 Centurions. There is another battle, but this time the Centurions are able to drive back their attackers. Within two weeks of this perceived defeat on the part of the Gaelic Atlanteans, those very same Atlanteans send a peace envoy and a formal treaty of agreed upon. Peace at last.

235 AD: The Battle of Ravenna. The Atlanteans of House Scavario attempt to usurpt the power of Emperor Ramius. House Scavario proclaims Theodocious Scavario as the rightful Emperor of the Second Atlantean Empire. Within 6 months of his installment as Emperor, he and his entire line are destroyed by order of Emperor Ramius with the full support of the Senate.

236 AD: Council of Exarchs is founded to govern the Provinces of the Second Atlantean Empire. Priam of House Thalus becomes Exarch of Greece. Draco of House Draconis becomes Exarch of Dacia. Vaneesa of House Lionnes becomes Exarch of Gaul. Justarius of House Ramius becomes Exarch of Italia. Dominic of House McCullen becomes Exarch of Ireland.

240 AD: The Houses of the Second Atlantean Empire begin to slowly expand in numbers and solidify their territorial boundaries in Western Europe and the Mediterranean.

284 AD: Emperor Diocletian comes to power in Rome. Marcus Aurellius Caius is given the Dark Gift by Casius of House Ramius.

324 AD: Constantine reunites the Roman Empire. Claudius Lucinius Serrentus is given the Dark Gift by Marcus Aurellius Caius of House Ramius.

410 AD: The Goths under Alaric sack Rome. The Capital of the Second Atlantean Empire is moved to Constantinople.

564 AD: The Brotherhood of Fate is formed. Its goal is to chronicle the history of the Atlantean people from a human perspective. One of its secondary goals is to protect the world from the destructive influence of the supernatural within it, primarily the Old Ones and their Servitors. The first meeting of the august group of men is held in London.

623 AD: It is believed that Vanessa of House Lionnes gave the Dark Gift to Jeremiah MacKlintoc of the Scotish Clan MacKlintoc.

624 AD: Jeremiah gives the Dark Gift to Loric MacKlintoc.

625-732 AD: Jeremiah & Loric MacKlintoc give five of their kinsmen the Dark Gift, bringing them across into the immortality of the Lilan Condition.

671 AD: Demetrius of House Draconis is inducted into the Atlantean Senate.

726 AD: Byzantine Emperor Leo III begins the Iconoclast Movement - opposition to images; Pope Gregory II opposes him. Part of the reason behind the Iconoclast Movement was the influence of Emperor Ramius, due to the threat of Holy Relics and Artifacts being used against the Lilans of the Second Atlantean Empire, Ramius ignites the flame that ends up destroying a great many of those deadly relics.

745 AD: Angus MacKlintoc, a Lilan of Clan MacKlintoc journeys to Ireland where he comes across the Atlanteans of House McCullen. An informal peace is agreed upon due to their same Celtic backgrounds. Angus will remain in Ireland until the year of 936 AD.

751 AD: Pepin the Short is crowned King of the Franks, founding the Carolingian Dynasty. Atlanteans from House Lionnes begin slowly drawing themselves back into the confines of France and Western Germany.

782 AD: Charlemagne summons the monk and scholar Alcuin of York to head the palace school at Aachen: revival of learning in Europe. House Lionnes uses this revival of learning as a chance to begin collecting information about all of the Atlanteans of the Second Atlantean Empire. It is during this time that House Lionnes holds the most power in the Second Atlantean Empire that it ever has or will hold. This stranglehold on information will last for the next 800 years.

785 AD: Alexi Dragosee is given the Dark Gift by Draco himself, for the next milleninia Alexi is groomed for the task of becoming the first Draconis Emperor of the Second Atlantean Empire.

832 AD: Alcuin of York is given the Dark Gift.

936 AD: Angus MacKlintoc returns home to Scotland after his long stay in Ireland.

937 AD: Horishi Osaka of the Japanese Islands is given the Dark Gift.

941 AD: Maximilian Hektor is given the Dark Gift by Aeneas of House Thalus.

1096 AD: The Atlantean Senate is reorganized and officially becomes known as the Antiquarians’ Guild. First Crusade begins, following an appeal by Pope Urban II to free the Holy Places.

1162 AD: Lord Alexi Dragosee of House Draconis gives Stefan the Dark Gift. Buchaest is established as the seat of power for House Draconis.

1165 AD: Emperor Dominic of House McCullen comes to power when Emperor Ramius mysteriously disappears. Many suspect he has been destroyed by a rival house. Others suspect that he has abandoned the Second Atlantean Empire due the the corruption and abuse of power that had been becoming apparent in the Senate.

1173 AD: Lady Catherine D’Aquitaine is given the Dark Gift by Alcuin of York.

1180 AD: The Scarlet Brotherhood is formed by order of Emperor Dominic. In the beginning the identities of all members of the Order are kept a closely guarded secret.

1305 AD: The English capture and execute William Wallace. Telceon Trevors of House Draconis is inducted into the Antiquarians’ Guild.

1325 AD: Aztecs, under the influence of Xoltlan found Tenochtitlan in what will come to be called Mexico and begin expanding their borders through a series of conquests of their neighbors. The blood gained through the sacrifice of their enemies is used to empower the already large Lilan population in the region, which at this point is nearly over 150 strong. Xoltlan at this point proclaims himself King-Priest of the Toltec Empire, its borders extending into Central and South America. This ‘Empire’ of Xoltlan’s will endure into modern times.

1336 AD: Emperor Dominic writes the Lex Dominicus.

1337 AD: Edward III of England, provoked by French attacks on his territories in France declares himself king of France. Beginning of ‘The Hundred Years War’ between England and France (ends 1453). Atlanteans of House Lionnes attempt to strip landholds of House Ramius in England. Members of both houses begin discretly feuding for the next one hundred years. Most of this feud is kept to Servitors fighting Servitors due to the Codex Imperialis, there are actually very few Atlantean casualties suffered during this brief conflict.

1453 AD: The Capital of the Second Atlantean Empire in Constantinople falls to the Ottoman Turks when the city is overrun by the Turkish Army. End of the Byzantine Empire and of the Middle Ages.

1454 AD: The Capital of the Second Atlantean Empire is moved to Cork, Ireland.

1455 AD: The War of the Roses - civil wars in England between royal houses of York and Lancaster (until 1485). Houses Ramius and McCullen face off when Emperor Dominic decides to strip away a sizeable portion of House Ramius’ territories in England.

1456 AD: Prince Vlad the Impaler takes the throne of Wallachia when he ‘slays’ his brother Radu while taking the Wallachian throne. Vlad is put into power while Radu is given the Dark Gift by Draco of House Draconis.

1485 AD: Emperor Dominic sends of Expedition into India in an attempt to make contact with the Atlanteans dwelling in that region. All members of the expedition are slaughtered by the Atlanteans of Prince Khadesh. A message is sent to Constantinople from Prince Khadesh, it simply states "Proceed no further, or all those who you send into my lands shall be sacrificed to Kali in all her dark glory." No further expeditions will be sent into this region until the 1800s.

1502 AD: House Ramius openly rebels against Emperor Dominic’s rule of the Second Atlantean Empire. With the assistance of Houses Draconis and Thalus, Lord Marcus Aurellius Caius of House Ramius expells all Atlanteans of House McCullen from England.

1504 AD: Emperor Dominic mobilizes his Centurians and invades England.

1520 AD: Imperium Centurians clash with Atlanteans of Houses Draconis, Ramius and Thalus in Birmingham. It is during this battle that Centurians of House Ramius are forced to fight members of their own house, when then happens, many of them disengage from battle and begin attacking their those Centurians still loyal to Emperor Dominic.

1588 AD: Emperor Dominic and the rest of his House are destroyed by the the other Houses of the Empirium due to his draconian rule. Emperor Dominic was by no means a kind ruler, his laws and reign was cruel and despotic. As rumor has it, it was his own Centurions that put an end to him and his House.

1588 AD: Empress Andrea of House Lionnes is elevated to the station of Emperor. Alcuin of York becomes Exarch of France & Germany.

1607 AD: Atlanteans of Clan MacKilintoc flood into Ireland and slaughter all of the Imperium loyal Atlanteans remaining on the island. Captain John Smith founds the first permanent English settlement at Jamestown, Va.

1608 AD: The Order of the Black Rose is founded by Jeremiah MacKlintoc to honor all those MacKlintoc Atlanteans that fought and died in the battle to take Ireland from the Imperium.

1588 AD: Alcuin of York is inducted into the Antiquarians’ Guild.

1590 AD: Empress Andrea writes the Lex Andreae.

1610 AD: Castle Csejthe is raided after one of Countess Erzsebet Bathory’s intended victims escapes and goes to the local authorities. All of Countess Bathory’s attendants who took part in her insane blood rituals are put to death by beheadings. Erzsebet Bathory is walled up in her own bedroom where she supposedly dies in 1640. Little did those same authorities realize that the woman whom they had walled up in Erzsebet’s bedroom was but only a servant whom Erzsebet had used sorcery to make her into the exact likeness of the Blood Countess…The Countess had been ferried away the night of the raid by Servitors of House Draconis.

1611 AD: Countess Erzsebet Bathory is given the Dark Gift from Lord Draco of House Draconis.

1613 AD: Stefan Dragosee, the son of Alexi Dragosee, of House Draconis is inducted into the Antiquarians’ Guild. Stefan also becomes Prefect of Romania.

1621 AD: Lord Radu Tepes Dracula sends a servitor to Draco detailing his intent to leave House Draconis behind and petition the Empress Andrea DeLyones for the right to become a House. Lord Radu Dracula and all members of the Family Dracul go into hiding from the rest of House Draconis.

1624 AD: Uri Dracul is given the Dark Gift by Radu of the Family Dracul. House Draconis begins its war against the Family Dracul, its end goal to exterminate the entire bloodline for their betrayal of House Draconis. This conflict will not end until 1836 when Empress Andrea DeLyones formally recognizes the Family Dracul and allows it to become to new 5th House of the Empirium.

1734 AD: France invades Lorraine. House Lionnes begins increasing its holds in Western Europe, this begins an Expansionist Period for House Lionnes that will last until the end of the reign of Napoleon I.

1776 AD: British troops evacuate Boston. Declaration of Independence drawn up by American colonies in Philadelphia adopted by Continental Congress. Younger Atlanteans of Houses Lionnes, Ramius, and Thalus leave behind their holdings in England and Western Europe and journey across the Atlantic to North America in the hopes of leaving behind the constant battles of their elders. These same groups will eventually fall to warring among themselves for the new territories in North America.

1777 AD: Claudius Lucinius Serrentus becomes Exarch of the newly formed United States of America. Battle of Saratoga: British army under General John Burgoyne surrenders to American General Horatio Gates.

1778 AD: France enters American War of Independence in support of the colonies. War of Bavarian Succession (until 1779): bloodless war between Prussia and Austria. Death of French philosopher Voltaire. European Atlanteans of House Lionnes decide to send support across the Atlantic to their American cousins in an attempt to make peace with those that left Europe.

1785 AD: The Court of Roses is founded by Lady Camila DelaRosa of House Lionnes.

1791 AD: American Bill of Rights. Canada Act divides Canada into French and English-speaking territories. House Lionnes enacts the Canada Act in an attempt to consolidate more of its power and influence in North America.

1836 AD: Empress Andrea recognizes the Dracul Family as the fifth house of the Empirium. In doing so, House Dracul is formed. Tirgoviste becomes the seat of power for House Dracul. Texas independent of Mexico.

1839 AD: Rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada. Houses Lionnes and Ramius fight for dominance in Canada.

1840 AD: Upper and Lower Canada united. Houses Lionnes and Ramius are forced by the High Magistrate of the Imperium to finally come to some agreement on how their Canadian holdings will be governed.

1850 AD: Empress Andrea abdicates the Throne of the Second Atlantean Empire to Lord Priam of House Thalus.

1860 AD: South Carolina secedes from the United States. Atlanteans of House Lionnes, dissatisfied with the conditions being forced upon them by the Atlanteans of Houses Ramius and Thalus to the north begin to wage a shadow war against those in the North.

1864 AD: Union Army occupies Georgia. Faced with inevitable defeat, the Atlanteans of House Lionnes in the South finally make peace with their cousins to the North.

1873 AD: After many failed attempts to uproot the Scotish Atlanteans of Clan MacKlintoc, Emperor Priam authorizes and begins the invasion of Ireland by Imperium Centurions in an attempt to retake it back from the Atlanteans of Clan MacKlintoc.

1875 AD: Atlanteans of Clan MacKlintoc begin pouring across the Scotish border into England. The first Imperium city to be lost to Clan MacKlintoc is York.

1879 AD: Emperor Priam writes the Lex Piaae.

1880 AD: Helena of House Thalus becomes Prefect of Greece.

1897 AD: Abraham Stoker writes Dracula. The Family Bathory is finally released from their servitude to House Draconis.

1939 AD: The Battle of London. Imperium Forces stage a last ditch effort to remain in the British Isles using London as there final battleground. This last ditch effort turns into a holding action as the Imperiums Centurians hold off the attacking Atlanteans of Clan MacKlintoc while the citizens of the Imperium flee London across the channel into France.

1939 AD: Lord Xavier Fallcourt and most of the Fallcourt Family from House Lionnes betray the Imperium at the Battle of London, siding with the Renegade House; Clan MacKlintoc. Lord Edward Halloran and all of the Halloran Family of House Ramius betray the Imperium at the Battle of London, siding with the Renegade House; Clan MacKlintoc. The Forced Evacuation of London; Imperium Atlanteans of Britain are forced into resettling in wartorn Europe.

1940 AD: France invaded by Germany. Atlanteans of Houses Ramius and Lionnes attempt to retake the British Isles. Houses Ramius and Lionnes are able to gain a foothold in Northern Ireland.

1940 AD: Atlanteans of Houses Ramius and Lionnes attempt to retake the British Isles using France and Northern Ireland as their staging areas. Battle of Britain, Clan MacKlintoc uses the Royal Air Force to prevent a German Invasion, Imperium Servitors are unable to retake Britain.

1944 AD: Realizing the futility of recapturing Britain, Imperium Atlanteans influence Germany into launching the first of the V-2 missle attacks. The theory is "if we can’t have Britain, then neither can you."

1962 AD: Uri Dracul inducted into the Antiquarians’ Guild.

1972 AD: Britain takes over direct rule of Northern Ireland. Duke Angus MacKlintoc of Ireland decides that it is necessary to remove the Imperium hold outs in Northern Ireland, through the influence of Duke William of England he is able to have Britain send in troops into Northern Ireland.

January 17th, 1999 AD: Former President Bill Clinton is sentenced to 50 years in a Federal Facility for Misuse of Presidential Authority and Power.

January 18th, 1999 AD: Vice President Al Gore is sworn in to office as the President of the United States. Thomas Thorintine, Dem. Senator from MA becomes his Vice President.

December 25th, 1999 AD: Army of the Black Talon detonates two neutron bombs in the continental United States; One in San Francisco California, and another in Miami Florida. The total death toll is suspected to be somewhere around 4 million Americans killed.

December 26th, 1999: Army of the Black Talon attacks the United World Religions Council gathering at the Sedgewick Hotel in New York City, detonating a bomb that kills at least 15 FEMA Agents and 10 members of the UWRC. Obsidian Group’s Beta Team BlueSix infiltrates the UWRC gathering as agents for FEMA in an attempt to stop the terrorist attack, they are able to stop the killing of most of the delegates, but a bomb explodes killing 5 delegates of the UWRC along with multiple members of the FEMA Taskforce that was stationed at the Sedgewick Hotel.

December 29th, 1999: National Guard Troops clash with protestors in Boston in opposition to President Gore’s declaration of Martial Law. Five rioters are killed, 15 others are wounded. * Poison Gas Bomb explodes in the English Channel Tunnel, killing 240 English and French Tourists.

December 30th, 1999: President Gore, with the approval of Congress creates the Office of Homeland Security in an attempt to end the acts of terror that began with the bombings of San Francisco and Miami. Retired Air Force General, Fredrick Temerold is appointed as its first Director, charged with ending the acts of terrorism against the United States and its citizens.

November, 2000 AD: President G.W. Bush is elected to the Offices of President of the United States.

September 11th, 2001 AD: The World Trade Center and Pentagon terror attacks occur. President G.W. Bush begins his "War on Terror" against the al-Qaeda and any nation that supports their terror attacks.

September 20th 2001 AD: Invoking the War Powers Act of November 7th of 1973, President George W. Bush establishes, with the full backing of both houses of Congress, the United States Police Force. The United States enters a period of Martial Law that will not end until July 15th of 2002. Within 3 months of its founding, the USPF has garrisons in all major cities across the United States.

September 20th, 2001 AD: President George W. Bush announces the appointment of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge as the new Director of the United States Police Force in his Address to a Joint Session of Congress and the American People.

September 26th, 2001 AD: Corporate interests within the United States begin lobbying Congress to allow for the formation and expansion of corporate paramilitary security forces to protect their corporate holdings from terror attacks.

October 3rd, 2001 AD: With pressure from the Office of the President and the many corporations lobbying Congress, the "Corporate Armament Act" is passed by a slim margin. A vocal few Senators accuse the President of misuse of Presidential Authority, but with public opinion levels riding high because of the President’s "War on Terror", their voices go unheard.

October 7th, 2001 AD: President G.W. Bush announces Operation Enduring Freedom to dismantle the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, which is harboring al-Qaeda terrorists.

October 8th, 2001 AD: President Bush issues Executive Order 13228 Establishing the United States Police Force and the Homeland Security Council.

October 8th, 2001 AD: Tom Ridge sworn in as the first Director of the United States Police Force.

November 19th, 2001 AD: President G.W. Bush signs the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, creating the Transportation Security Administration.

February 3rd, 2002 AD: Need for new methods of crowd control result in the USPF testing cutting edge military technology, supplied by the Armatech Arms Corporation, an obscure but fast growing R&D firm.

March 21st, 2002 AD: Executive Order Establishing the President’s Homeland Security Advisory Council and Senior Advisory Committees for Homeland Security.

October 4th, 2002 AD: Six suspected members of the al-Qaeda terrorist network operating near Buffalo are inducted.

March 17th, 2003 AD: Homeland Security Department commences Operation Liberty Shield, an increase in protective measures to defend the homeland.

March 19th, 2003 AD: President G.W. Bush launches Operation Iraqi Freedom to end the regime of Saddam Hussein and its support of terrorism.

April 2nd, 2003 AD: House passage of the $79 billion wartime Supplemental Appropriations Bill to provide crucial funding for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

May 1st, 2003 AD: President G.W. Bush declares an end to major combat operations in Iraq aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. The Terror Threat Integration Center begins operations.

June 12th, 2003 AD: First cases of "spontaneous combustion" reported during riots in early field-tests of Armatech Arms Corporation equipment result in public outcry.

June 24th, 2003 AD: House passes the first ever Homeland Security Appropriations Bill, approving $29.4 billion to bolster our homeland security, bring funding for First Responders to more than $20 billion since 9/11.

November, 2004 AD: President G.W. Bush is re-elected to the Officer of President of the United States.

2003-2008 AD: U.S. Military Forces occupy Iraq while insurgents are hunted down and a democratic government is installed in Iraq via free elections.

2005 AD: The Auto Industry within the U.S., along with the Oil Companies begins working on an alternative fuel source that uses hydrogen fuel cells to power their experimental hydrogen engines. New engine designs begin emerging that uses a hydrogen engine to generate power.

2007 AD: The Darkstar Corporation introduces their new Virtual Reality "Omega-V" computers. These machines largely remain the purview of the United State military complex and the corporate world. Some of these machines are sold for private use, but only the wealthy have the funds to purchase them.

February, 2007 AD: The North American Convocation of 2007.

2009 AD: Hydrogen powered cars begin hitting to roads of North America, the oil companies begin raising gas prices to ridiculously high prices across the United States, the American consumers begin actively search for an alternative to gasoline. Longer lasting batteries enter service in U.S. Military vehicles; using radioactive isotopes to store electrical charges.

2010 AD: Present Day.