House Ramius

This Atlantean House originates in Italy. Of all of the Houses of the Imperium, the members of House Ramius tend to gravitate towards positions of authority and leadership. In recent years this house has been on the decline, much is this is due to poor leadership decisions that have been made over the last four centuries.

House Draconis

This Atlantean House originates from the area of Europe formerly known as Dacia (eastern Europe). This House is renowned for its Sorcerers and the extreme negative reputation that it has earned from centuries to manipulating its rival Houses. The members of House Draconis that practice Sorcery tend to have power hungry demeanors that put everyone around them on edge.

House Thalus

This Atlantean House originates from Greece and Turkey. House Thalus, in the last two centuries has become very influential as its Founder; Priam of Troy now sits on the throne of the Imperium as its Emperor. Of all of the Houses of the Imperium, this House’s power is definitely on the rise and most of its rivals are attempting to gain its favor where ever its members reside.

House Lionnes

This Atlantean House originates from the area of Europe formerly known as Gaul and Germania (France and Germany). This House is known for its reputation as information brokers within the Imperium. Only a few centuries ago this House ruled over the Imperium through its Empress, but in recent times House Lionnes has turned to making alliances with other more influential Houses in an attempt to keep its power within the Atlantean society.

House Dracul

This is the youngest of the Atlantean Houses, originating from the Wallachia. Originally the Dracul were a family of the Draconis, but about three centuries ago its Founder; Radu Dracula led his children out from under the tyranny of its former Draconis masters. For their betrayal, the Draconis cursed the Dracul with an extreme allergy to moonlight. The Dracul, like the Draconis; are renowned for their skill at the Art of Sorcery and because of their centuries long feud with House Draconis.