The Deaders are the spirits of the restless dead that have utterly refused to let go of their mortal lives and through sheer force of will, the Deader takes over a mortal host in order to continue living the mortal life that they believe was cut short.

Deaders take over the bodies of the living and their consciousness utterly surpresses the consciousness of the host that they are occupying. The only times that a Deader loses their host is when the host body must eventually sleep. For eight hours the Deader is back to residing in the Mirror World while they wait for their host body to regain the Life Force that was burned away through the Deaders possession of the body.

Some Deaders come back to the world of the living because they feel cheated out of the life they had, others come back avenge themselves upon those that they feel wronged them during their mortal lives, and some believe that they wont be allowed into the gates of Heaven until the do some special task that is worthy of transidence into the next life.