The Lich is an Atlantean or Human that has undergone the Immortal Soul Ritual. In most cases, Liches come about from Sorcerers that wish to defy death and are willing to put their immortal souls at the mercy of another in order to live forever.

Some say that the first Lich was none other than the first human Sorcerer; Marduk of Mesopotamia. There are others that tell tales of a cabal of Immortals that are wandering the world protecting it from the evil of the Abyss.

There are still others that tell stories of Sorcerers that have given their souls over to the Abyss itself in return for eternal life, they say these twisted creatures are thing of nightmares and that these immortals serve the Old Ones, awaiting the day that the Stars finally come right and the Old Ones are freed from their aeons old prisons to walk free upon the Earth again.