The Mundane is the average person that isnít ultra rich or a total destitute, but simply trying to get buy in the world. He or she goes to their job every day in an attempt to get a head.

The Mundane doesnít know about the global game of chess that the Children of Atlantis play with the worlds people, or the struggles of the Sorcerers to protect the world from the unholy demons and spirits that exist in the Mirror World, or even the Psychics struggle to deal with their amazing Psionic Talents in a world that seems to be destroying itself a little bit every day.

These are the people that through no fault of their own, get caught up in the schemes of the players that seek to dominate the world.

When these Mundanes finally come to the realization of "I can either become a player in the grand game or simply remain being controlled as a lowly pawn", some choose to step up to bat in an attempt to make the world better for themselves and their few Mundanes.

In the end; without a few knowledgeable Mundanes in the grand game, their fellows would be doomed to live and die in ignorance.