The Nephilim are the ancient soldiers from the time of the First Atlantean Empire. They were created through a mixture of Atlantean super-science and sorcery. During the time of the First Atlantean Empire, the Nephilim were the elite warriors of the Empire, they were used by the Atlanteans to fight their wars with the early humans and then the Lemurians.

Because of the super-science and sorcery that created the Nephilim, they were extremely resistant to Psychic powers and physically powerful, but because of the power of that they wielded the Atlanteans made all Nephilim barren, to insure that the Nephilim would never become a race powerful enough to rise up against them.

In the end, the ancient empire of the Atlanteans fell into ruin with the destruction of Atlantis and the Nephilim were left to their own ends. Some Nephilim turned to religion in the early years of their freedom becoming the avenging angels that destroyed the places of darkness and vice in the ancient world. Some turned to the darkness and embraced the unholy powers of the Abyss.

In this modern age, most of the Nephilim are awakening from their torpors of millennial slumber. Once again it is time to find their place in the world, for good or for evil.