The Servitors of Atlantis are members of the human families that have been loyally serving the Families of the Atlantean Houses for generations.

These Servitors have been trusted to run the households, to guard over and protect the very lives of the Children of Atlantis.

Because of their loyal service to their Atlantean Masters, they have been rewarded with better lives than the most of the rest of humanity. Atlanteans feel quite at ease to speak of internal matters in the presence of their Servitor Families because the Servitors stand to lose just as much or more should their masters be laid low.

Both the Second Atlantean Empire and the Renegade Houses employ Servitor Families in order to protect and maintain their vast holding in the world.

Many Servitors will serve their Masters loyally all their lives in the hopes that they will be adopted into the Atlantean Families that they serve, in doing so they become a part of the vast hidden civilization that is the Children of Atlantis.