The Thrall is a creature that is not completely Revenant, nor completely human, but something that is trapped in between. These creatures have a great many of the supernatural powers of the Revenant, while not being a Revenant themselves.

A Thrall comes about when a Revenant gives a portion of its blood to a human; the transformation creates a creature that is totally subservient to the Revenant that created it.

Thralls tend to be used by Revenants as their servants and more importantly as a means to gather sustainence. Unlike the Revenant, Thralls can not create others of their kind, only the Revenants have that ability.

Life for a Thrall is a perpetual state of living in fear of the light of day and in fear of the whims of their Revenant master. Most Thralls know that they are doomed to forever live this half-life as a quasi-undead creature that is totally at the mercy of their master. Hoping and praying for the day that they either die or that their Revenant master fully brings them across into the full state of undeath.

Revenants tend to pick the most attractive mortals to turn into Thralls, because it is easier for an attractive Thrall to tend to their feeding needs than it would be for someone that is average to below average in appearance.