The Atlanteans are a dying race, lost among an ever increasing sea of humanity. In Pre-History, the First Atlantean Empire ruled over the Earth with an iron fist; they were the first of the pre-historic super powers, and only the power of the Old Ones rivaled them.

When Great and Noble Atlantis sank into the sea, its survivors were set adrift in an ocean of humanity; they were forced to live among the humans that they once ruled. Because of humanity's hatred of the Atlanteans, all of their great works and monuments were destroyed.

Humanity forced the Atlanteans to adopt the "Veil"; quite simply the Veil is the attempt on the Atlanteans to make humanity believe that their race is long gone, or in some cases that they never existed in the first place. The Veil protects the Atlanteans from the vast sea of humanity that could if ever roused again, destroy the works of the Second Atlantean Empire; the hidden empire of the survivors of Atlantis.

Even in modern times, the Veil is upheld because of the belief that the humans could eventually destroy the last remnants of their great race.